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Wide product range – fast delivery

HOESCH delivers acids, bases, solvents, solids, lubricants, specialities and much more.
We produce, fill and distribute products of major manufacturers.
Your production must be flexibly adapted to the market. As your partner, we make sure that you achieve this flexibility. Quick availability and fast delivery is a key task for us. We master this due to the latest, EDP-based enterprise resource planning and technical equipment of our warehouses.

Order today – delivery tomorrow. That is the goal. This we achieve already today for many orders since our stocks are automatically updated because we document planned requirements and our purchasing department has built up a complex know-how relating to production and suppliers.

We achieve all safety standards in the manufacture and storage of chemicals and, of course, throughout the entire transport. But we are not satisfied with this because we place higher standards on our safety requirements than those required by law. This is not only for the protection of our staff and the environment. Rather, these safety requirements are an important guarantor for the high level of availability of all the substances and their fast delivery.

We place such high requirements on our suppliers too.