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Our recommendation: HOESCH Meta-clean, product series with a convincing product profile.

  • • Thorough cleaning
  • • Rapid vaporization
  • • High flash points
  • • Lowest odour nuisance
  • • Environmentally compatible

The advantage is its versatile field of applications.

Be it large-surface sheets, filters, gears, machinery, repair parts, tubes, screens or tools – everything will become clean, dry and free of residues within a short time. Aluminium, non-ferrous metals and steel will not be attacked. Plastics or paints require proof testing.

HOESCH Meta-clean is provided ready for use.
For painting with paintbrushes.
For wiping with cloth or sponge.
Low flammable products can easily be used in washstands thanks to stable flash points.
HOESCH Meta-clean degreasing agents are also used tempered in spray or dripping methods.

Take advantage of our services too.
For example bath monitoring, retrofitting existing plants or treatment/disposal of contaminated degreasing solutions.

We deliver in quantities to suit your needs.
Delivery by tank lorry, 1000 litre container, 200 litre drums, 50 litre drums, 30 litre canisters.

Our applications engineers are always happy to offer advice and answer your questions.