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Oil-dispensing equipment

With our numerous partners in the field of oil-dispensing and oil maintenance equipment we are able to offer solutions for storage and dispensing of lubricants to meet demand.

– Oil drum pumps, manual, electric or pneumatic, with or without meter, calibrated or not calibrated.

– Oil transport trolleys, electric or pneumatic, gear oil transport trolleys

– Tank farms for storing fresh oils

– Tank farms for proper storage of used oil, used-oil collecting trolley, used-oil suction trolley, etc.

– Grease supply, dispensing devices using compressed air, hand-lever grease guns for 400 g or 500 g

– Grease cartridges, lube-shuttle system for screwable cartridges, low-viscosity grease dispensing devices and much more.

– Oil drip pans, drum shelf units, drum trucks, etc.

Do you have any more questions or want to get more details? We are gladly at your disposal to provide additional information or in-depth advisory services.