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Special products

In addition to a large range of standard chemicals and cleaning agents, Julius Hoesch distributes and produces a wide range of chemical specialities. As distributor for NOURYON (formerly AkzoNobel) Surface Chemistry we supply the whole range of cationic and non-ionic surfactants, as well as special surfactants, blends and polymers for a wide range of applications in the washing agents, cleaning agents, water treatment, paint, coatings and mineral oil industries.
Fatty alkyl sulphates, ether sulphates, olefin sulphonates, alkyl benzene sulphonates and further detergent raw materials of western European producers as well as our own surfactant blends complete the range.

In addition, we also distribute NOURYON (formerly AkzoNobel) emulsifiers and bonding agents for the production of bitumen and asphalt. Complexing agents from NOURYON (formerly AkzoNobel) Functional Chemicals as well as phosphonates complete this range of supplies. Defoamers, silicone oils and silicone emulsions/fluids from BASILDON Ltd. are also part of our productrange.

Preserving agents and cosmetic additives from Schülke & Mayr for the cleaning agent, cosmetics, paint and coating industries round off our product range.

We supply hotmelts for the packaging industry, cooling brines from our partner PROKÜHLSOLE are used in many water-bearing systems.

We distribute release and antiblock agents of LOTREC from Sweden for rubber and plastics industries. At our Düren plant, we produce felt, screen and system cleaning agents as well as further products for the paper processing industry, antifreeze fluids for windscreen washer systems/ radiator antifreezes and aqueous cleaning agents for a variety of applications.

Our product range is supplemented by bacterial spores of NOBLE BIO for biological control of odors.

Hans-Georg Bildstein
Purchasing / Sales Manager
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