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Aqueous cleaning agents

DSCF1488cCapacity bottlenecks, lack of production and filling techniques, official regulations or missing know-how compel some distributors of aqueous detergent products to purchase finished products.

JULIUS HOESCH offers a wide range of water-based washing and cleaning agents for many very different areas of application. We are pleased to provide you with these products with your label and desired packaging and, if necessary, we can modify these products in accordance with your needs.

Below is a selection of our products:

Acid cleaning agents
HOESCH 632 acid foam cleaner
Basis: Phosphoric acid/sulphuric acid
Removal of lime deposits,
especially on vertical surfaces and those
that are difficult to access
HOESCH 806 acid cleaning agent
Basis: Phosphoric acid
Removal of lime deposits in the
sanitary field, especially however for
dissolving rust deposits in water-bearing systems
HOESCH 830 S acid cleaning agent
Basis: Hydrochloric acid
Removal of most tenacious inorganic deposits (cement, lime, concrete, ...) on floors and machinery
HOESCH 831acid cleaning agent
Basis: Citric acid
Removal of lime, urine scale and
other inorganic deposits
in the sanitary area
HOESCH 832 acid descaler
Basis: Formic acid
Removal of lime, boiler scale, urine scale in the sanitary area
as well in technical processes and applications
HOESCH 834 acid cleaning agent/ viscous
Basis: Sulphuric acid
Removal of lime, urine scale, rust from tiles, porcelain,
stainless steel, ... especially in the toilet/ sanitary area
HOESCHALIN 839 acid cleaning agent
Basis: Amidosulphuric acid
Removal of lime deposits in boilers, piping, coolers and other water-bearing systems
HOESCH 854 acid cleaning agent
Basis: Acetic acid
Removal of lime, urine scale from
tiles, porcelain, plastic, ... in the
domestic and sanitary area
Neutral / alkaline cleaning agents
HOESCH 631 foam cleaner alkaline, without chlorine
pH: 12.9 (1 %)
strong oil and grease contaminations on vertical
surfaces and those that are difficult to access
HOESCH 633 chlorine foam cleaneralkaline, contains chlorine
ph: 13.3 (1 %)
Cleaning and disinfection on vertical surfaces
and those that are difficult to access
HOESCHALIN 800 Neutral Cleanser neutral, foaming
pH: ca. 8.5 (conc.)
IWL certificate
slight grease and oil contaminations
Vehicles, body, floors, filters, ...
manual, HP-device, dripping method
HOESCHALIN 802 slightly alkaline
low foaming
Ph: approx. 11.8 (conc.)
IWL certificate
heavier oil and grease contaminations
Vehicles, floor, tarpaulins, manual metal
degreasing, HP-device, dripping method
HOESCHALIN 803 carbon grease remover strongly alkaline
pH. 12.4 (1 %)
most persistent fat and oil incrustations
Slaughterhouses, butcher's shops, ...
HOESCHALIN 821 paint stripper/mould cleaner strongly alkaline
pH. 13.5 (10 %)
most persistent incrustations
Cleaning of metal moulds, paint stripping on metals
Dripping method
HOESCH 822 workshop/HP-cleanerstrongly alkaline
ph: 13.5 (conc)
heavy oil and grease contamination in the workshop and machinery area. Leaves protective against renewed contamination film after repeated application. Manual, HP-device
HOESCH 824 drain cleaner strongly alkaline
pH. 13.0 (1 %)
most persistent grease and oil incrustations
Floors, pits, drainage systems, tanks, ...
Manual, HP-device, ...
HOESCH 827 special alkaline cleanser strongly alkaline, low foaming
Contains: solvents
pH 13.25 (1 %)
heaviest oil and grease contaminations
Machinery, pits, floors, ...
Manual , HP-device
HOESCH 828 fast cleaner alkaline, low foaming
Contains: solvents
pH: approx. 13 (10 %)
heavy oil and grease contaminations
Engines, machinery, floors, pits, tarpaulins,...
Manual, HP-device
HOESCH 842 basic cleaner slightly alkaline
Contains: solvents
pH: approx. 10.45 (1 %)
stronger oil and fat contaminations
Lorry cleaning / butcher's vehicles, ...
Manual, HP-device
HOESCH 849 machine cleaning agent slightly alkaline,
low foaming, contains: solvents
and rust-protective agent, pH: 10.5 (10 %)
stronger oil and grease contaminations
Machinery, tools, body
Manual, HP-device
HOESCH S spray cleaner 3PS strongly alkaline
pH: 13.0 (conc)
Degreasing of steel workpieces, copper alloys and aluminium and its alloys using spraying and gunning techniques with and without ultrasound
HOESCH spray cleaner strongly alkaline, low foaming
pH: 13 (conc)
Removal of oils, greases and other contaminations from metallic surfaces using the gunning method