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basildonDefoamers are needed in many industrial processes. As a contractual partner of KCC BASILDON Ltd in this field, JULIUS HOESCH supplies a wide range of proven silicone-containing and silicone-free defoamers.

ProductChem. characterApplications
Food processes (FDA/Halal/Kosher)
Foam-Clear EscaPro-E Silicone antifoam emulsionAll-purpose defoamer, quick knock down, manual dosage
Foam-Clear EscaPro Silicone antifoam emulsionDefoamer, continous automatic dosage
Foam-Clear EscaPro-S Silicone antifoam emulsionHigh concentrated version of EscaPro, continuous automatic dosage
Foam-Clear EscaPro-M Silicone antifoam emulsionDefoamer , suitable for further dilution for re-sale
Foam-Clear EscaPro-K 100% Anti Foam CompoundOil (non-aqueous) based processing
Foam-Clear Esca-Ferm Silicone antifoam emulsionFermentation processes
Foam-Clear Esca-Ferm-S 100% Anti Foam CompoundFermentations, especially beer production
Industrial applications
Foam-Clear IndaPro-E Silicone antifoam emulsionDefoamer for use in a wide variety of industrial processes. Manual dosage
Foam-Clear IndaPro Silicone antifoam emulsionHighly effective defoamer, suitable for automated dosage systems
Foam-Clear IndaPro-S Silicone antifoam emulsionDefoamer, high effective, suitable for automated dosage systems
Foam-Clear IndaPro-M Silicone antifoam emulsionSuitable for formulated systems, good compatibility
Foam-Clear IndaFerm-S100% Anti Foam CompoundGeneral Industrial-fermentations/bio-synthesis reactions
ProductChem. characterApplications
Defoamers (siliconeoil-free) for technical applications
HOESCH Entschäumer TIP Triisobutyl phosphate in solventWastewater treatment/water based cleaners
HOESCH JH 1901Polyglycolether/alcohol-blendAll-purpose applications in waterbased systems
Ethylan TB 345Alkoxylated de-foaming polymerAll-purpose applications in waterbased systems
Foam-Clear Esca-NVMixture of Vegetable oils, Polyalkylene Glycol (PAG) & EsterYeast & Bioethanol production
Foam-Clear Esca-NP Mixture of Polyalkylene Glycols (PAG)Root vegetable & fruit processing, fermentation processes (wheat, corn, molasses)
BC 2370Blend of synthetic hydrotropes and nonionics in mineral oilalkaline stable, for waterbased surfactant systems
HOESCH Antifoam LVWPreparation of organic solids in mineral oilDefoamer for surfactant-, protein and starch-containing aqueous media; paper industry
ProductChem. characterApplications
All-Purpose defoamer
Antifoam FDP10% siliconeAll-purpose defoamer for liquid waterbased systems, FDA-approval
Antifoam AR 20 20%, siliconeAll-purpose defoamer for alkaline waterbased systems
Antifoam AP 3030%, siliconeBottle-washing, for dynamic processes
Antifoam C 100 (N) 100% siliconeoilsoluble defoamer for non aqueos systems