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Release agents

In rubber and plastics production (thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics) or in composite materials, the use of release agents and non-stick coatings is often required. As contracting partner of LOTRÉC in Sweden, we supply the complete selection of LUBKO release and antiblock agents.

ProductChem. CharacterHyperlink
Solvent-based release agents
LUBKO 1603 PSHard, dry coating for various elastomers, epoxy resins and thermoplastics logo_lotrec
LUBKO 1501 PS Release agent for silicone gum, polyethylene (PE) logo_lotrec
LUBKO 1421 PS Hard, dry coating for steel mandrels with very good release und sliding capabilities logo_lotrec
LUBKO 1414 PSUniversal release agent, primer for two-layer systems, coating for EPDM and nylon mandrels featuring excellent release and sliding capabilities, release agent for drive belt production logo_lotrec
LUBKO 1403 PSRelease agent for mandrels featuring excellent release and sliding capabilities, for polyacrylates and PU compounds logo_lotrec
LUBKO 1325 PSCoatings for rigid mandrels logo_lotrec
LUBKO 1362 PS Unique high-temperature release agent for mould temperatures up to 600 °C logo_lotrec
Aqueous release agents
LUBKO 1105 A Very versatile mould release agent for various rubber types logo_lotrec
LUBKO 1105 C As LUBKO 1105A, but for hot moulds (temperature >180 °C) logo_lotrec
LUBKO 1129 T Special mould release agent for polyester and epoxy resins logo_lotrec
LUBKO 1310 Non-stick coating for non-vulcanised rubber, mould release agent in tyre production logo_lotrec
LUBKO 1330 Non-stick coating in tyre and conveyor belt production, coating for nylon winding tapes logo_lotrec
LUBKO 1658 E Non-stick coating with particularly hard film on the mould surface, particularly suitable for PU processing logo_lotrec
LUBKO 1510 PS Non-stick and release agent for various rubber types logo_lotrec
LUBKO 1512 Special release agent for silicon rubber and peroxide cured elastomers logo_lotrec