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Silicone oils, silicone emulsions & silicone fluids

basildonWe supply silicone oils of many different viscosities, silicone emulsions and silicone fluids with a very wide range of properties for producing releasing and lubricating agents, car polishes, ironing aids, hydrophobing agents and many more.

Silicone oils
Silicone oil 50 cSt
Silicone oil 100 cSt
Silicone oil 150 cSt
Silicone oil 350 cSt
Silicone oil 1,000 cSt
Silicone oil 10,000 cSt
Silicone oil 12,500 cSt
further viscosities on request
ProductChem. characterApplications
Silicone emulsion for special applications
BC 91/023Polydimethyl siloxane
low viscosity (100 cSt)
60 % emulsion
Use in polishes/conditioners/dashboard treatments perhaps in combination with higher viscosity emulsion to improve spreading & "rub-out"
BC 330/LVPolydimethyl siloxane, low viscosity (350 cSt), 35 % emulsionAll-purpose release agent; lubricating agent in web offset, polish additive, lubricant, impregnating agent against water, -for plastic profiles, rubber and caoutchouc, die-cast aluminium
BC 330/60 non-ionic emulsion of polydimethyl siloxanes (350 cSt), 60 % emulsion High active additive for polishes release agents, lubricants for web offset
BC 2747Polydimethyl siloxane
highly viscous (60,000 cSt)
50 % emulsion
Auxiliary agent in polishes, release agent in the rubber industry, impregnating-agent
BC 330/EPHV Polydimethyl siloxane, highly viscous (200.000 cSt) 35 % emulsion (anionic) ceramic glass cleaners, ironing aids, mane and tail spray (animal care)
BC 85/124 Polydimethyl siloxane with functional amino groups, 35 % emulsion
Household and car care products
Polish additiv 63 Modified polydimethylsiloxane with amino functional groups
50%ig emulsion
Cleaning and care products for painted surfaces and plastic surfaces
BC 2743Polydimethyl siloxane with functional amino groups, 50%ige emulsion (anionic) cleaners, release agents
Silicone fluids
BC 2153 Ethoxylated silicone fluid water miscible, for glass cleaners, (additive 2-6 %)
BC 99/009 Aminosiloxane polymer, 100%ig
Car polishes, hydrophobic agents, softener (2-3%)
BC 99/025 Polydimethyl siloxane-based mix product and silicone polymer
(1,000,000 cSt)
Manufacturing of purifiers (tires, bodywork) for vehicles
BC 99/046 highly-functional
amino silicone fluid, 100%
hydrophobing agents and car-finishers (admixture 2-3%)
Volatile fluid 5 volatile, low-viscous silicone, cyclomethicone pentamer vehicle hydrophobing agents, cosmetic formulations
further products on request