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Laboratory services

labor05906aHoesch adopts the concerns of its more than 6,000 customers and takes them very seriously. It is here that our laboratory plays an important role in designing innovative services for you. Fitted with state-of-the-art equipment, it ensures the exact analysis, testing and approval of all products leaving our house.

Assuring quality
We secure, develop, review and optimise your products. Our laboratory takes on quality assurance work through incoming and outgoing inspections as well as by checking the production batches. Moreover, it prepares all company certificates that the market demands of yours and our products.

DSC05907New products
In our laboratory, we plan and examine new developments
taking the following requirements into account:

  • State of the art
  • Environmental compatibility
  • Economy


The analytical equipment consists of devices for the determination of:

  • Flash Point
  • Density (using the flexural resonator method)
  • pH-value
  • Melting point
  • Conductivity

Moreover, Julius Hoesch offers you the following application techniques within the scope of its laboratory services:

  • Multi-channel gas chromatography
  • Karl-Fischer titration unit for water determination
  • Potentiometric titrations
  • Measurement of surface tension (tensiometry)
  • Measurement of dry residue or humidity measurement
  • Refractometry (digital)
  • Photometry and Viscosimetry
Ulrich Oehmen
Logistic and stock manager
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