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Toll production

We provide extensive production and filling capacities for toll production of solvent mixes and aqueous formulations. In the inorganics (acids, alkalis and solids) sector, we mix acid, neutral and alkaline, liquid and viscous formulation components in 13 different containers with capacities ranging from 1-15m³ for producing for example cleaning agents, surfactant mixtures and cooling brines. We produce organic solvent mixtures such as dilutions and antifreeze mixtures,  in three stainless-steel mixers with a capacity of 10m³ and 13m³.

In order to maintain the greatest possible accuracy for all formulation components, we have placed the mixers on weighing cells and we fill the containers via Siemens S 7 control in connection with our SAP R 3 System. Fillings ranging from 750 ml up to drums, IBC and full containers up to a full tank lorry are possible. Confidentiality concerning any customer formulation as well as customer protection are a matter of course.

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