Expancel 920 DE 40 d30

Expancel microspheres are small spherical particles. They consist of a thermoplastic polymer shell encapsulating a gas. The addition of heat increases the internal gas pressure, which leads to a significant increase in volume and simultaneous softening of the shell. These properties lead to Expancel being used both as a lightweight filler and as a blowing agent. The use of Expancel not only improves the properties of your product, but also enables significant cost savings in your production! Expancel microspheres are already used in the plastics industry, paint & coatings industry, adhesives industry, paper industry and many other industries.





Special Chemistry


Automotive, Construction chemicals, Varnishes / paints / coatings, Plastics processing, Adhesive industry, Paper industry

Product Group

Expancel - Mikrospheres

Container Sizes



Cavity spheres, microspheres, thermoplastic spheres, spherical particles

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