Dear neighbors

Julius Hoesch was founded in 1865 and has now been offering a wide range of basic

a wide range of basic chemicals, specialties and mineral oil products for over 150 years.

products. On our 80,000 m2 company premises we operate ultra-modern

tank farms for organic and inorganic chemicals, as well as rack warehouses for solids

and pre-packaged liquid raw materials.

Furthermore, we operate a plant for the production of cleaning agents, in which,

which, among other things, contains organic solvents in quantities of over 20 metric tons per day.

are produced.

Today, we are one of the most efficient chemical trading companies in Germany!

It is now very important to us to maintain a good neighborly relationship with all residents.

cultivate. For this reason, the attached brochure is also to be understood as part of an open information policy

policy towards our neighbors and citizens.

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§11 Major Accidents Ordinance

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