Medialub 2000

KETTLITZ-Medialub 2000 is a saw chain adhesive oil based on vegetable oils and is free of synthetic and mineral oil. Special additives provide long-term protection against gumming, optimize the viscosity position and improve the adhesion and sliding properties. This results in low wear on the chain and sprocket. The additives also ensure that the product can be used under extreme winter conditions (cold test passed at -18 °C/72 h). The KWF (Kuratorium für Waldarbeit und Forsttechnik e. V.) confirmed very good lubricating properties in an extended test procedure. The use of the oil under professional conditions in forestry work in both chainsaws and harvesters was rated as "well met". Medialub 2000 is thus a chain oil approved by the KWF and bears the KWF test mark for organic chain oil". Medialub 2000 is produced on the basis of the renewable raw material rapeseed oil. Since it is not water-soluble, the oil remains largely in the upper layers of the earth during normal use or, for example, leakage and is therefore not carried into the groundwater. In addition, Medialub 2000 meets the criteria for the "Blue Angel" eco-label (RAL-UZ 178), the Austrian eco-label (guideline UZ 14, license UW 1226) as well as the criteria for the "EU Ecolabel" (Reg. No: DE/027/179). For the award of the eco-labels, the proportion of renewable raw materials was determined to be approx. 95% according to DIN CEN/TS 16137 (DIN SPEC 91236).
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Saw chain adhesive oil, chain adhesive oil, chain oil

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