Adacid VP II OK

ADACID VP II OK is a highly effective inhibitor for the protection of metal surfaces during pickling in acid baths. ADACID VP II OK can be used in pickling lines of all types - with and without regeneration system - at temperatures up to temperatures up to 100°C. The product is soluble without residue in water and in the pickling bath. The liquid form allows easy dosage. ADACID VP II OK is characterized by high inhibition values even at temperatures up to 100°C, whereby scale dissolution is not impaired. ADACID VP II OK is free of chloride and foam, so that disturbances in the regeneration systems are avoided. In addition to the inhibitors, ADACID VP II OK also contains dispersants and surfactants, through which bright and clean metal surfaces are achieved. Subsequent surface finishes are not affected. ADACID VP II OK avoids overpickling and reduces acid consumption.





Special Chemistry


Detergents and cleaning agents, Water treatment

Product Group

Corrosion inhibitors

Container Sizes

IBC, Drum, Can


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