HOESCH 806 acidic intensive cleaner/stain degreaser

HOESCH 806 is an aqueous, strongly acidic cleaning agent based on phosphoric acid. The special combination of acids and capillary-active substances ensures good dirt dissolving and dirt carrying properties. As a highly active cement and lime remover (concentrate), the product has proven itself for use on concrete mixing plants, ready-mix concrete trucks, tiles soiled with cement slurry, cement silo trucks, etc. It is used wherever mortar, cement or concrete is processed. is processed. HOESCH 806 is also excellent for removing stubborn contaminants such as lime, urine scale, rust, etc. from aluminum parts, tiles, stone floors, etc. HOESCH 806 has proven excellent for degreasing and cleaning aluminum profiles; pigmented soiling, e.g. grinding and polishing residues, are removed immediately. HOESCH 806 is also used as a felt and screen cleaner in the paper industry and as a rim cleaner in vehicle care.







Detergents and cleaning agents

Product Group

Detergents / cleaning and degreasing agents

Container Sizes

IBC, Drum, Can


acidic intensive cleaner / pickling degreaser

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