Lithsolvent 620

LITHSOLVENT 620 is a highly effective inhibitor formulation for protection of metallic materials during chemical cleaning or pickling with hydrochloric acid or hydrochloric acid/hydrofluoric acid mixtures at temperatures up to 90°C. For cast iron the maximum working temperature is 40°C. LITHSOLVENT 620 contains a combination of specifically acting inhibitors and special surfactants with high wetting effect. By lowering the interfacial tension, a rapid wetting of the the surfaces to be cleaned is ensured by reducing the interfacial tension. The dissolution of coatings as well as rolling and annealing scale is not affected by the inhibitor. LITHSOLVENT 620 protects the following materials in the temperature range specified above: normal steels and special steels (e.g. superheater and low-temperature steels) as well as copper-based alloys. Aluminum and light metal alloys as well as zinc, tin and hard chrome are not sufficiently protected; cast iron only up to max. 40°C.





Special Chemistry


Detergents and cleaning agents, Water treatment

Product Group

Corrosion inhibitors

Container Sizes

Drum, Can


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